Stretch film, or pallet wrap, is an LLDPE plastic film with high elastic recovery used to wrap and unitize pallets for load stability and protection. It can also be used to bundle smaller items tightly together. Unlike shrink film, stretch film does not require heat in order to fit tightly around an object. Instead, stretch film simply needs to be wrapped around the object either by hand or with a stretch wrap machine.

Whether you are using stretch film to secure loads or pallets for storage and/or shipment, to color code, or to allow items like produce and firewood to “breathe,” using the best stretch film product for your application can help you get your product to the destination intact. Below is a list of some of those products:

  • Sigma Vanish Bio-Assimilation Stretch Film – the first stretch film powered by Smart Plastic’s Eclipse™ bio-assimilation technology
  • Machine Film – used on Stretch Film Machines
  • High-Performance Cast or Blown Film
  • Hand Film
  • Banding Film – narrow width – for bundling
  • Pre-stretched Film – better yield; lighter, damage-proof rolls
  • One Sided Cling & Slip – keeps pallets from sticking together
  • UVI Film – allows for outdoor storage of products
  • Colored Film – promotes product identification, concealment, pilfer proof
  • Vented Film – provides airflow – “breathable” to prevent condensation and mold
  • Anti-Static Film – helps dissipate static
  • Printed Film – provides product identification and tamper evidence/pilfer proof
  • VCI Film – prevents rust and corrosion
  • Stretch Hood Film

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Sigma Vanish Vanish Bio-Assimilation Stretch Film