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Common Questions and Answers
Q: What are the advantages of re-glazing verses replacing my bathtub and/or tile?
A: There are many advantages. First, there is a large cost savings of thousands of dollars over replacing an existing tub. Besides the obvious expense of buying a new tub you have to consider that the new tub will not fit in the exact same place on the bathroom floor and several rows of wall tile will have to be removed in order to get the old tub out. So now you will need to add the expense of a floor repairman and a tile specialist in addition to the plumber. Plus you still have to carry your existing tub out of your house and bring in the replacement. (This is assuming your bathroom door is wide enough to accommodate this.)
Second, there is a huge time savings. The replacement and reconstruction process can take several weeks even if all goes as planned. We can usually complete the refinishing process in one day and you can use your beautiful re-glazed tub tomorrow.
Third, our process is exceptionally durable and will look beautiful for many years to come.

Q: How long will it be before I can use the tub after you finish working on it?
A: You can enjoy your bathtub 10 hours after the re-glazing process is complete. So if we do it today you can use it tomorrow

Q: Are you able to repair chips, cracks and stains in and on my tub and/or tile?
A: Yes. This is another great benefit of re-glazing and refinishing your tub and/or tile with ABCO Refinishing Services. We include up to 3 free chips repaired with refinishing.

Q: Can I get a free estimate?
A: Absolutely! There are a few questions we will need to ask you. 1.) What type of material is the tub made out of? (ie. ceramic? porcelain? fiberglass etc.) 2.) Has your tub and/or tile ever been re-glazed before? 3.) What color is your tub/tile now and what color would you like it to be? 4.) How soon would you like this to be done? 5.) What area do you live in?

Q: Is the new surface easy to clean and care for?
A: Absolutely! Dow Bathroom Cleaner, Lysol Tub and Tile Cleaner and similar products work great. Avoid all cleaners with abrasives or corrosive chemicals like bleach.

Q: Can you treat the bottom surface of the tub with a texture for traction and safety?
A: Yes. Any tub re-glazing job can be upgraded to include this safety feature. (In fact the manufacturer discourages the use of suction cup style bath mats)

Q: What prep work is needed before you can come and start the job?
A: Shower curtains need to be taken down and personal items need to be removed from the work area. If a shower door is installed, this must also be removed along with the track.
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